“Bringing You Back Home To Yourself…”

About Me

Hello, I’m Sindy, creator of Your Power Behind The Mask, and a warm welcome to this site. Feel free to have a look around – if you have any questions please do  get in touch.

I’ve had a really varied background, working in both the corporate and charity sectors. I have worked with people from different backgrounds and all walks of life, including millionaires, celebrities, ex-offenders, successful business owners, people with challenging backgrounds…. I have heard lots of life stories, and learnt how quickly circumstances can change. All it takes is a relationship break-up, a redundancy, an illness – and our whole life can pivot. No matter what the outer ‘packaging’ looks like, behind the mask as human beings we all have certain values that need to be met. I have learnt not to judge appearances, because behind every mask there is a person, and behind that person is a unique story…

My working background is made up of two halves. The first half as a chartered marketer in the beauty industry where I helped people to put on masks, and the second half as a personal and professional development coach where I help people take off their masks.

Even though I was outwardly ‘successful’ in my earlier career, as a result of taking off my own Mask, I am now doing things I could only have dreamt of before. If you feel ready, I invite you to do the same. The process is simple – that doesn’t mean it’s easy – but the results can be quite magical.

About You

Each of our clients is different and has a story that is unique to them.

One thing they have in common are triggers:


The Imposter Syndrome – ‘Am I Good Enough?'


After A Life Event - 'Am I On The Right Path?'


Feeling Disconnected - 'There Has GOT To Be More To Life Than This!'

More importantly, they are ready for change, and open to thinking and doing things differently and moving forward.


“Sindy is professional, and as a coach and mentor she is exceptional. She has helped me to remove my own glass ceiling, gently challenged me, and I am proud to say that she has contributed to my success, and where I am today. After a few sessions of life coaching, I noticed a difference in how I felt, and started to believe in myself more.”

Punam Sharma


“You live up to your reputation of really going behind the surface and getting to the truth. I found the process holistic and methodical. For me there was a good … framework that allowed me to step out of my comfort zones and into the unfamiliar in a safe way… going through the programme has brought me a lot of change and transformation”.

Julie Anne Hart


“Sindy’s approach isn’t like any other coach and because of this the results I got from working with her were quite different.​  Without having looked at my business model, trusting and aligning with my ethics, and helping me to use my gut instincts to make decisions immediately started to show improvements in my business.  I started to attract my ideal client more easily. I stopped feeling fearful about where that next patient would come from and started enjoying my work again.”

Katherine Bellchambers


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