I love football, being in nature, and being up high – in my younger days this meant climbing trees – now it means sitting on top of hills. Rising above everything allows me to see a bigger picture, and space to be creative. I find being by the sea magical, relaxing, invigorating – and the perfect place to escape to when I need a break. I enjoy writing, and I’m part of a tuneless choir for people who sing passionately but can’t hold a tune.

I have had an amazing career, and worked with some wonderful people. There have been extreme highs which made me wonder how ‘someone like me’ got to do all those amazing things, and extreme lows where I burnt out physically, mentally and emotionally, and questioned the meaning of life.

Over the years I have gotten to know, like and trust myself at a much deeper level. I understand my values, and how they affect how I feel and behave around certain people and situations, and also how I run my business. I am much clearer about my own definition of success, and need less approval from others about the decisions and life choices I make. As a result I feel more resourceful, better able to handle challenges in life, and I feel happier. This doesn’t mean I don’t have ups and downs – of course I do – but I recognise that they are part of growing and developing. In nature, there are different seasons and cycles but nothing lasts forever. In the same way we will experience joyful and challenging times, but if we can take back control of our mindset they become much easier to navigate.

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