A Chartered Marketer, my background is in the Corporate world, and for 13 years I worked at the head quarters of a major multi-national company. I was involved in international marketing, strategic marketing, and global trends management. I worked with trends prediction agencies, celebrity makeup artists, and travelled to different countries to find new ideas for some of the leading UK beauty brands.

From 1990-2004 I worked for The Boots Company PLC, the UK’s largest health & beauty retailer, in a number of different roles. Including:

Marketing Manager – Boots Retail International

  • As part of a pilot team that took Boots retail stores and beauty brands international

Market Development Team – Strategic Marketing Unit

  • I was a founder member of a new department that was set up to manage beauty brands globally
  • We identified insights from research and translated them into opportunities for key beauty and retail brands

Global Brand Management Team – 17 Cosmetics

  • I helped to translate trends and insights into tangible products for their Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections, which went live in stores and featured in beauty magazines

Global Trends Manager for Beauty

I worked with celebrity makeup artists, trends prediction agencies, customer research teams, and travelled to different countries to explore new ideas. As part of a team we then advised some of the UK’s leading beauty brands, including No7 on how to take their brands forward.

Life Coaching Diploma – Coaching & Mentoring International

(Merged with The Coaching Academy)

A serious burnout that left me struggling mentally, physically, and emotionally, followed by redundancy, created space for me to take time out to really look at what was and wasn’t working in my life, and to make changes that altered the course of my life.

Part of that process included working with my own life coach, and the changes I experienced were so profound that I took a year out and trained to become a Life Coach myself. This enabled me to put my life back together in a way that subsequently saw me achieving things I could previously only have dreamt of.

After qualifying as a coach in 2005, I started working with women on the ‘other side’ of the beauty industry and got to understand them at a much deeper level. I started to identify ways in which the industry and it’s target market could work more collaboratively.

I spoke at beauty industry events, and wrote articles about how marketing messages need to change to better serve both older and younger generations. This work was carried out under the umbrella business, Challenging Perceptions of Beauty.

My flagship coaching programme is called Your Power Behind The Mask, and the transformation I see in my clients in a relatively short time is incredible – I see them breaking down self imposed barriers, letting go of what no longer serves them, and re-build a life that is more aligned to what is really important to them, whether that be in  business, finances, or relationships.

Over the years through my own journey and that of my clients, what I’ve learnt is this: Dare to believe in ‘magic and miracles’ and in yourself, and you will be amazed at what is possible!

Other roles (both voluntary & paid)

  • Chartered Institute of Marketing – On the committee for Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire for 8 years organising CPD events for marketers
  • Women In Management (part of The Chartered Management Institute) – On the committee for Nottinghamshire
  • Nottingham City Council – Mentoring up and coming leaders through their leadership programme for women
  • The Prince’s Trust (2008-2019) – Working with young people who have been through challenges in life to help set up a business, build confidence, and get their lives back on track
  • Leader of Yes Group Nottingham ( 2016-2019) – The regional branch of a national not for profit organisation. Organising speakers and events to make personal development accessible to all in our local community. Funds raised were donated to local good causes. 

I work with curiosity, compassion, and a sense of fun, and always believe in the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Discover The Power 
Behind Your Mask