The Imposter Syndrome - Am I Good Enough?

Mention the ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and a light of recognition sparks in people who can relate to experiencing this.

The Imposter Syndrome is common amongst high achievers, as well as those who have always strived to achieve but never felt good enough or deserving of their success.

Many ‘Imposters’ hide behind a Mask, outwardly achieving great things yet feeling like a fraud.

Imposters look successful on the outside, but still feel as if something is missing – this may be because they have ticked other people’s boxes of ‘success’, but not fulfilled their own, or because they are still looking for approval from others. They can also be perfectionists, and fear failure, never feeling good enough on the inside.

Common themes that ‘Imposters’ think, feel and say are:

“I’m nothing special – If I can do it, anyone can”

“I’m a fake and I’m going to be found out”

“I’ve just been lucky”

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