Twinkle, twinkle little star,
Nature’s made you as you are.
Years of knowledge, filled with grace,
Lines of wisdom kiss your face.
Twinkle, twinkle little star,
Oh how beautiful you are.

When you love yourself deeply & authentically, something magical happens. Your energy wakes up & you start to attract other people & situations that are vibrating at the same frequency into your life. You become vital & attractive to other people with high self-worth…you might even become a love magnet – Not just for romantic love, but in all areas of your life. And it can all feel so effortless…

Sometimes life causes us to close down. Bad relationships. Difficult experiences. Grief. We hurt & feel vulnerable, so we put on a mask to hide behind, to protect ourselves. But what that really does is shut part of us off from the outside world – it isolates us. Like a flower, love needs to be nurtured for it to open up to full blossom. Neglect it & the mental weeds of self-doubt will start taking over.

Self-doubt is one of our biggest energy crushers. Telling ourselves stories around not being good enough brings us down. Growing older brings a sense of wisdom. It can also bring uncertainty, which in turn creates vulnerability. But if you surrender fully to vulnerability, let go and trust, nature starts working its magic again. Yes, nod to the future, acknowledge the past, but live in the now. The happier & more self-accepting you become, & the more you learn to relax, the fresher you’ll look & feel.

Imagine letting go and allowing everything to unfold – not having to be in control anymore. Let go of struggle, worry & stress & invite in peacefulness, adventure & passion. You’ll naturally become a hugely attractive person to be around – both at work and in life. Wrinkles here or there or a sprinkling of grey hairs won’t make much difference, so let it go.

Knowing you can only allow others to love you as much as you love yourself, remember that how you treat yourself sets the standard for how others treat you.

Nature magically transforms you into exactly who you need to be at any stage in your life. ‘Ageing is a privilege denied to many’ so be grateful – give yourself the gift of self-love. Let go of resisting what is, get into the flow, & enjoy the adventure of life…